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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Black Anvil-Hell Death

One of the reasons that I, like many of you, first got into extreme metal was because of the catharsis it provides. As the years passed we grow desensitized to this, albums we once thought brutal are now impvre, the old gods have fallen. So when a band rise up and delivers the kind of punishing black metal that made you fall in love with the genre, well, you had better take notice. Such is Black Anvil, now on their third, angriest, and probably best release, these guys are getting to the spirit of the genre after arriving their via an unorthodox past.

While I won't be one of those critics whose going to say that you can hear Black Anvils hardcore roots on Hell Death I will say this, you get a vibe that is not necessarily fully black metal. In some ways, Black Anvil can be said to have transcended black metal, or even heavy metal and created something greater. From the albums incredible opener, Still Reborn you start to get a sense of the power of Black Anvil. The touches of clean vocals only provide a limited respite from what is probably the groups angriest record yet. The songwriting here is simply top notch, multipart epics abound and draw the listener in, a slave to the heavy metal apocalypse within.

In conclusion, Hell Death is going to find a well deserved place on quite a few top ten of 2014 lists. They have created the sort of genre busting epic that gives new meaning to the term 'black metal'. Filled with all sorts of exciting musical twists and turns, you don't 'get' this record after one or two spins, no, it takes hours up on hours, days of listening to start to crack the surface of Hell Death and that makes it all the better. This is heavy metal catharsis at its finest, Black Anvil will pick you up and squish you into a ball, somehow healing your shattered soul in the process.

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