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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Tomas Doncker Band-Moanin' At Midnight: The Howlin' Wolf Project

Moanin' at Midnight:  The Howlin' Wolf Project cover art

Longtime readers will know I love me the blues. Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, and perhaps above all, the legendary Howlin' Wolf. Now, the Tomas Doncker Band has been around for a little while, Doncker himself is a career musician who has been busting genres wide open since the 1980's. So when a figure as talented and gifted as Doncker comes out with a tribute to one of the greatest blues artists of all time, you know you should stand up and take notice. With Moanin' At Midnight: The Howlin' Wolf Project the Tomas Doncker band pays tribute to a true legend.

Part of what makes this record so special to me is the touches of modern blues that Doncker manages to mix into the sound. His takes on classics like Back Door Man and Killing Floor bring in touches of rock elements, a few even toss in a Led Zeppelin vibe. (I know Zeppelin stole a lot from Wolf, but the point stands) Tomas Doncker has gone above and beyond, he knows that of course you can't hold a candle up to Howlin' Wolf, but by god can he put an exciting new twist on it. That's what makes Moanin' At Midnight worth a listen or ten. Doncker gives his unique take on a legends work and it gives the entire catalogue new life and leaves blues nerds like me begging for more.

The ten tributes found on this record are going to capture your heart and make you want to go back and check out not just all of Wolf's catalogue, but also Donckers. As the band roars through an exciting take of I Ain't Superstitious you start to realize that these guys are on to something big with Moanin' At Midnight. Many have tried to put out tributes to the blues god that is Howlin' Wolf, but I think that no complete tribute album is really better than this one. Tomas Doncker gives his all into these tributes and proves once again that legends never die!

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