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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Black Emerald-B.O.D.

Sometimes bands get lost in a muddy stomp, their sound diluted in a unholy mashup. Other  bands, like Black Emerald use this muddiness to their advantage, creating something primal and powerful, that really gets at the spirit of the music and captures the heart of the listener. B.O.D. is such a record, the sort of thing that goes down deep into the groups deep English heritage (Gotta love them UK Death Metal bands) and come out with something magical. Hailing from the land of Maiden and Napalm Death these guys rank among the new UK metal lords.

The riffs here have the sort of destructive metal chug that defines bands like Annihilator. Yet, Black Emerald do not shy away from pure Eyehategod style sludginess too. With lines about going from "smoking weed to smoking crack" you get the impression that the musicians behind B.O.D have seen, and done it all. As you dig deeper into the riffs on this record (I'm on something like my fourth or fifth spin now) you start to find many layers of meaning and of power. The sort of thing that gets to the spirit of what metal should be all about. Not afraid to descend into chaos, Black Emerald seem to be held together by sheer empathy and a determination to never falter.

Few bands testify to the greatness of their scene better than Black Emerald. Their approach is powerful, and fairly unique, especially within the glorious bubble of England. I've heard great things are going on for this scene right now, and I hope some of it rubs off on this band. With their tormented and twisted vocals Black Emerald draw you in, and B.O.D. will help you fall in love with a gritty band who want to rip out your hair and smoke crack with your entrails. Not for the faint of heart, B.O.D. is total sludgy death metal destruction of the soul.

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