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Monday, May 5, 2014

Archspire-The Lucid Collective

These days I haven't been hearing nearly enough squirrely techdeath coming out of the scene, especially not from Canada. Archspire seem set to write that wrong with a powerful new record replete with many glorious examples of what Invisible Oranges refers to as "Death Metal English". Their second record The Lucid Collective is remarkably mature and filled with all sorts of crushing riffs. On top of this, the vocal delivery is simply incredible, filled with all sorts of destructive polysyllabic blasphemies that get at the true spirit of technical death metal.

From the first, you know that Archspire has taken you in for something special. Their blaring attack is not really matched by any peers, in fact, when it comes to music this technical and brutal I think you can safely say they are without peer. Be it the insane bass playing on Plague of AM or the shockingly difficult riffs that dominate so many songs on the record, it is easy to lose yourself in the technical madness on display here. Yet, unlike some of their contemporaries they don't lose their hearts making brutal tech death. Whereas many bands in the genre might throw it all away in the name of heaviness, something about The Lucid Collective manages to stay very human

So as the Archspire blaze on in our hearts and minds we have to realize, we are in fact the thralls to this sort of unapologetic hatred. As you spin this record again and again you find yourself lost in a wonderful haze of flashy solos and intricate song structures. Digging into this record is extremely rewarding simply because there is so much going on under the waves of brutality. I honestly think that Archspire could come out as the new Suffocation. Few people have their technical ability or pure understanding of the genre, let's just see how it all unravels!

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