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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Divine Side-Entity

Divine Side is an interesting young French band who have a very varied sound and a lot of really cool ideas giving their music a distinct flavor that few of their peers can really claim. They use a variety of vocal styles, a plethora of moods, and tons of different riffing styles to get a sound that, while hard to latch on too is certainly impressive. On this record you find a bit of everything, from moody instrumental to shredded solos, death growls to anthemic choruses, and if you can hold on for the entire ride, well it's certainly very rewarding.

Even from the first couple of songs you get a sense for the sheer diversity encapsulated in the Divine Side sound. Their new record Entity is seemingly all about capturing these magical hybrid moments and blessing them with a sort of beautiful heavy metal triumph. Yet, the songs are often very different, and while this certainly makes for an interesting listen it sometimes means the record is hard to latch on too. As far as songwriting is concerned, these guys are pretty tight, while the cleans could use some work, the overall delivery is well done and demonstrates the skill of the band simply as musicians. Nothing will stand in their way, because Divine Side can do it all!

Entity is a record whose diversity is both a blessing and a curse. This is definitely an album it takes multiple listens to get into, and once you do, it is very much worth it. Divine Side have a pretty clear sound that they want to start getting at and I think that as they evolve this distinct sound will become the centerpiece of their music. If you like groovy metal that is filled with tasty riffs, then you are going to want to listen to Entity. Divine Side are starting to make some serious progress with their music, and as they evolve I could seem them doing big things!

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