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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tsubo and Nader Sadek at Le Klub in Paris

Three shows in five nights, and I'm only just starting my crazy summer vacation. Tonight I got to check out Tsubo and the almighty Nader Sadek. Waiting for the show to start I got to meet a few of my heroes, including the mighty Blasphemer and Bobby Koelble, who is one of my favorite all time death metal guitarists. After a nice long wait in the cold, it was time to go down, watch the strange conceptual documentary Nader Sadek created, and get ready for some destructive, violent, and very intelligent extreme metal madness.

Tsubo were the first band to play, their distinct brand of death-grind is a blast to listen to and features some very violent vocal lines. These Italians really know how to bring the mosh, and I was impressed at the energy and raw hatred that they poured into their music. The riffs were extremely tasty and allow the band to stand out. In my eyes, this really allowed them to stand out, they have some excellent grooves and a wonderful understanding of what makes them unique in a crowded scene. This is the sort of grindcore act that the world needs more of, one who can succeed in the twenty first century by being energetic, technical, and very intelligent.

Nader Sadek were the second, and ultimate band to go on. Now this is a group who are unique, and hard to wrap your head around. Travis Ryan appears clad as some sort of victim of petroleum's poisoning and his unholy growls bring forth a sort of undying evil that few can even imagine. It's weird to look at this band as they're playing live. On one side of the stage you see the legendary Bobby Koelble, who played on one of the most important death metal records of all time, on the other, you have Rune Eriksen, who played on one of the most important black metal records of all time. The unholy and glorious lineup of Nader Sadek sets them apart and allows the music to rise triumphant.

This is a tour you simply can not afford to miss. Both bands are simply epic, and the documentary shown beforehand is certainly thought provoking. Tsubo have an all consuming rage behind them that can not be missed. I get the distinct sense they will be on of the most vaunted grind bands of the 2010's. Meanwhile, Nader Sadek are simply out of this world. They are not a band who I can just describe to you, it has to be seen to be believed. Tonight I met and watched legends, and even learned something, not just about metal, but also myself.

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