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Friday, May 2, 2014


Floor are so heavy it's unfair. Back with their first record in ten years, Oblation goes beyond anything else that the bands members did in the gap. (And remember, Steve Brooks was in Torche!) With this record, Floor have managed to go beyond and prove themselves not just to be lords of all that is heavy, but simply some of the worlds most significant metal masters. Their is a massive stomp here and Floors music will not just fade out of your head. No, Floor will dominate you, pull your hair back, and suddenly take you to a strange and beautiful new world.

The thing that puts this record beyond their legendary full length, Floor, is that this record seems to get even heavier. In between riffs filled with desert rock magic we are treated to moments that are so heavy its simply ungodly. Even as I listen to Oblation now at a fairly low volume, when one of those massive riffs kicks in, I feel it in my gut. Oblation is a testament to all that makes Floor great, catchy riffs, and a bottom end that seems impossible to recreate. As far as songwriting is concerned, well, these guys have only really improved. It's even easier to latch onto the track from Oblation and they all have the same magical element running through them, giving a wonderful electric spark to the music.

So, does Oblation meet the hype? Yes. Is it going to be a top ten record of 2014? Probably. Simply put, there aren't any bands out there today who are simply heavy as Floor is. They have outdone themselves with Oblation, adding to this trend of top notch reunion records that metal has been blessed with. Floor seem ready to shine on for another decade, and hopefully more, these guys won't be stopped and their colossal riffs will dominate our hearts for years to come. So let your body shake and fall in thrall to the groove, Floor is back and better than ever.

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