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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Iron Man-Generation Void

Heavy occult rock from Baltimore, Iron Man are one of the soon to be titans of a wave of traditional doom metal that I just can't get enough of. Yet, here's the thing, Iron Man have actually been around since 1988, now that is legitimacy right there. Iron Man is the sort of powerful doom metal act who don't rely on distortion as much as fuzz and twisted vocals that shape up the bands vocalist, Screaming Mad Dee to be some sort of demented Ozzy Osbourne. Generation Void is an admirable release, and now its reissue (It first came out in 1999) is paying tribute to an immortal legend.

Though there was a five year gap between this record and its predecessor, the only change seems to be that Iron Man have a greater perception of themselves. At the end of the 90s in a time when everybody was branching out and people liked Limp Bizkit unironically Iron Man stood strong, playing crushing doom riffs that crush bones. What's important about Generation Void is that it gets to the magic of traditional metal in its most basic, most unholy form. It demonstrates that Iron Man are not going to be stopped by their fellow musicians making poor artistic choices. No, Iron Man stand strong, masters of their own reality, grooving you into the ground.

Generation Void is proof that despite the bleak realities that face us can be overcome, that though we face the apocalyptic void of our reality, we can stand strong. Iron Man fills my heart with a sense of strength, power and hope, that despite Iron Man showing us the eternal darkness of our lives, Generation Void grants us the blissful escape from our shattered existence. This world may be bleak and boring, but through the triumph of traditional doom metal we can find ourselves, hope to drive us to a new existence, ascension, through pure, triumphant heavy metal.

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