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Friday, May 30, 2014


Parius is a death metal in the vein of groups like The Black Dahlia Murder or even Lamb of God. Their groovy, tech-death metal tinged sound is a lot of fun to listen too and allows for a lot of headbanging good times. While they currently only have a demo out, the raw potential is immediately apparent. These guys know how to craft tight sounding death metal songs that have a distinctly modern vibe. While some of the structures might need maturing, the ideas behind them are very strong and some of these riffs are simply to die for. The growls are wonderfully dark, they have a very primitive side to them that we don't really get in a lot of modern death metal bands. The guitar solos are flashy and really merit their place, adding a touch of Dethklok bombast to the mix. This is yet another top notch Philadelphia death metal band, and there is no stopping the sharply honed juggernaut that is the Parius sound. With a debut full length out soon, the band should be sufficiently evolved to take the world by storm!

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