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Monday, May 12, 2014

Majster Kat

One thing I don't get a lot of on this blog is Slovakian thrash metal. Fortunately, Majster Kat are here to fix this whole in my life and inspire me to mosh till I drop. These Slavs have got a powerful attack driven forward by powerful riffs and non-traditional vocal patterns. Their singer feels like he is halfway between Mille Petrozza and Joey Belladona, adding melody to harsh thrash lines. While the approach seems forced at times, it certainly gives Majster Kat a unique vibe. This is not the only way that Majster Kat pique the interest of a thrash enthusiast. There is a sort of underground brutality that punctuates the riffs in songs like Podle Slova. (Yes, all of their new record, Memento is in Slovakian) It gets at the more primitive and basic thrash metal spirit that made European thrash bands like Sodom, Kreator, and even Vader so great in the first place. Toss in touches of flashy technical finesse and you know you're starting to really get somewhere. So come on down, bring the mosh and dive into the pit, this is the sort of metal that the world only can do with more of!

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