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Monday, May 12, 2014

Dust Bolt-Awake the Riot

Four long haired dudes from Germany playing Bay Area style thrash? Well, that's a pretty wonderful basis for any metal record. Dust Bolt know how to follow through too, their hyper speed assault will keep your hair flying and body thrashing for all twelve songs. While at times the record may get a bit repetitive, Awake the Riot is still exciting and fun. The kind of thing that will make you flip the lid of your cap and get ready to get down with your friends in the pit. Dust Bolt show no mercy and they don't expect any, let your hair fly and jump on in!

From the epic beginning of Living Hell you get a sense for the sheer magic of Awake the Riot. It brings forward the kind of high energy thrash sound that so many of us fell in love with in our teens. Blazing riffs punctuated by spicy frilly keep the listener constantly engaged. Some of the guitar harmonies here bring a lot of fun to the sound and show the technical skill of the band. There are also a good handful of fun and flashy solos, the sort of thing that you dig into and can't help but fall in love with. On top of this, the bands vocalist has a great understanding of his pipes and his delivery adds a beautiful splash of passion to the record, best of all, it is mixed in nicely, optimally placed for thrash madness.

In conclusion, Awake the Riot, while it may not break ground, is certainly a lot of fun to listen to and will get your head banging and body moving. This is the sort of thing that encourages epic mosh pits and ridiculous keg stands. Sure it's wild and crazy, but that's what makes it so fun. Toss in some pretty darn intelligent lyrics to an already delicious thrash metal plate and you've got yourself a record worth quite a few spins. Dive on off the stage and prepare to crush posers, there is no escape from the unholy thrash attack brought down by Dust Bolt!

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