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Friday, May 23, 2014

Mayhem-Esoteric Warfare


If you are anything like me, when you first heard there was going to be a new Mayhem record in 2014 your heart was filled with the sublime darkness that only these black metal legends can invoke. After a long seven years since their last great release Ordo Ad Chao Mayhem are back and ready to continue their sacred war against all of poserkind. Their first record with Teloch and Charles Hedger, everyone has been nervous as to what Mayhem will put out. I'll say it now, Esoteric Warfare is everything you could expect from Mayhem and more.

One of my favorite aspects of this recording is Hellhammers drumming, his talent is inspiring and their is a certain unholy rage pumping through the music that just blasts everything forward to a whole new level of madness. Attilla really proves himself as a vocalist on this record, despite criticism from fans, you have to admire his vocal lines on tracks like Throne of Time, there is a certain evil incarnate here that few black metal vocalists get at these days. As for Teloch he does a wonderful job of capturing the classic Mayhem sound in their riffs and I'm sure as he gets more comfortable with his role in the band it will allow him to give the music a unique vibe of his own.

As Necrobutcher thuds his way through yet another batch of classic you start to get a sense for the indescribable power of Mayhem. This is possibly the most notorious band in the history of music, yet they're still doing what they love and leaving their fans jaws dropped in awe of the atavistic might that they so proudly champion. Esoteric Warfare has all of the elements that makes Mayhem great and even brings some fresh new ideas courtesy of Teloch. Come join the unholy metal communion and let your body be taken over by the black metal madness of pure Esoteric Warfare.

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