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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Republic of Rock 'N Roll-Golden Place

Republic of Rock'n Roll, le premier album à découvrir avec OÜI FM

Republic of Rock 'N Roll is the kind of band who try to go back to the basics of what rock is about but do it through a modern context. The end result of this is something exciting and well thought out, the sort of beauty that gets to the spirit of the genre and sets your soul on fire. With colossal riffs and top notch production, these M&O Music rockers have a great handle on what it means to bring the rock and roll fire to an audience that is hungry for something fresh. Anthemic and powerful their new record Golden Place could capture your heart.

What sets Republic of Rock 'N Roll apart as a band is the strangely majestic way in which they shape their choruses. With all of the layering going on here, it's easy to fall into a vast soundscape. The songwriting is, as a whole, very impressive, these guys know how to craft pieces that are filled with tasty hooks and impressive drive. Yet don't think that all of Republic of Rock 'N Roll's music is tightly structured, they are not afraid to descend into sheer anarchy with brash solos and parts that almost feel jammed out. This creates an interesting balance that makes for a record that is engaging over multiple listens, bringing something new to the crowded world of rock music.

With Golden Place Republic of Rock 'N Roll have found a pretty distinct sound, as it evolves I'm sure that they will get a better grasp of what they want to do and start to really develop what they do best. As is, this is a really interesting and well thought out record that takes the listener on a journey that ends with the masterpiece that is Let It Go. Come on in and feel the groove, Republic of Rock 'N Roll want to be huge and their approach to the music is only helping them. Golden Place is worth a few good spins, so slap it onto your tape deck and let's go!

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