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Monday, May 19, 2014

Miles to Perdition

Miles To Perdition

Miles to Perdition are an interesting Luxembourg death metal act who mix in some brutal death metal ideas into a melodic death metal framework. This makes for interesting and dynamic songs filled with contrasts that will engage the ear and provoke the imagination. Miles to Perdition really understand how to riff, and they seem aware of that. They work the riff in as the driving force behind the song structure and this allows the music to suck up the listener and hold them in thrall to the glorious heavy metal triumph that is within. The solos found throughout their music are often very flashy and highly melodic. I think my personal favorite is the exciting lead playing of Buried In Ruins. Suffice to say, Miles to Perdition know where it's at, their sound is basically exploring something no one else has really done before but uses elements most metalheads are familiar with. As I dig deeper into their tracks I start to get a sense something greater is going on, it becomes clear that Miles to Perdition may very well be guiding us all to death metal redemption.

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