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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Severed Receptors

Severed Receptors is an artsy black metal band in the style of groups like Deafheaven or Abigail Williams. What sets them apart though, asides from their female vocalist, is the way that they manage to channel the post black metal vibes of bands like Amesoeurs into their sound. Though they hail from Phoenix Arizona, Severed Receptors sound awfully European. Perhaps their desert heritage is what makes them so interesting for me then. The contrast of beautiful cleans and some sick growls is excellent, I think adding a bit more raw evil though could make Severed Receptors even more interesting, as is they sound a bit laid back which takes away from the all encompassing aspect of the sound. Nevertheless, Severed Receptors make for a great listen for anyone into black metal. These guys are still developing and their basic ideas are very strong, they have a great understanding of where they're coming from and that will drive them far. I'm very excited to hear this bands evolution, it could be the start of something grand!

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