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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Morbo-Addiction to Musickal Dissection

Italy has been spawning a lot of great metal bands lately, and perhaps one of the most important to be watching right now is the immortal Morbo from Rome. This is the sort of death metal band who come roaring straight from the crypt of the old school death metal masters, metallers who won't be stopped or forgotten but instead will rise up and gouge out your heart. Their new record Addiction to Musickal Dissection is the sort of blasting evil that has an honest and evil magic behind it, the sort of thing that gets to the immortal spirit of true death metal.

Even from the opening bars of the album opener, Abominangel (great song title by the way) you can tell these guys have a pretty great thing going. Torn open with a refreshing and powerful "bleh" to kick start the record Addiction to Musickal Dissection has a wonderful unadulterated darkness behind it. The riffs are hyper speed and brutal, complimented by some wonderful blast beats. Yet there are also some more interesting sections, featuring arrangements you might not normally find in a death metal context. Sure, Morbo play something that is easily identifiable as old school death metal, but there is a lot more too it, making it very special in its own way.

The dedication to all that is brutal and dark on Addiction to Musickal Dissection is admirable and Morbo are really starting to find their own unique sound. Have they got all the way yet? No. But are they evolving to a point where they could do something really special? For sure! Morbo have got what it takes to bring the rot to the people. As they evolve I think some exciting things could come out of this band. The vocalists off-kilter delivery gives an interesting flavor to the music and drives Morbo into strange new vistas. If you want some powerful death metal to kick start your Saturday night, then this is the record for you!

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