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Saturday, May 10, 2014


Angels Burned cover art

One of the reasons I do this blog after all these years is because there is a certain magic to it. A magic that can only be found in obscure death metal records from exotic locals done with evil levels of production. Remains demo stuff gets right at this magic and showcases an exciting young band who have a lot of great ideas for what it means to play top notch death metal. These guys seem to be developing quickly with three releases out since January 2012. Their most recent record, Angels Burned has a much more full fledged take on death metal and shows a band who really understand the pure evil that it takes to get mosh pits of the highest caliber up and running. Remains are not the kind of band who are easily stopped and I don't see a lot of their peers charging out of the gate with the same sort of destructive evil behind them. Suffice to say, these guys are one of the most exciting Mexican bands I have heard in a good long while and I feel pretty confident in saying they'll go far fast!

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