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Monday, May 19, 2014

Necrodeath-The 7 Deadly Sins

The 7 Deadly Sins now this is a death-thrash record that will rip your friggin' skull off! Necrodeath brook no quarter and from the opening bars of Sloth you'll be beating your chest and screaming along. The initial shriek of "One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven" makes for the coolest first vocal line on a record that I've heard in years. It fills you up with energy and preps you for the madness of a mosh pit that none will survive. This is possibly the black-thrash record of the year, the legends are back and they are going to tear you and your friends to shreds!

Don't however, make the mistake of thinking that Necrodeath is all about the heavy. There are definitely more laid back moments and they allow the crazed riffs a more delightful accentuation. The riffs here are ridiculously tasty, Necrodeath know how to bring the mosh in a way that few other bands can even pretend to comprehend. The manic playing on tracks like Lust shows off the skill of the musicians and is wonderfully contrasted with a slowed down bridge riff. With The 7 Deadly Sins Necrodeath take the world by storm and leave a trail of blood and vinegar in their wake. Few thrash records in recent years have made me feel this good, and it proves the genre will never die!

No other band in the world does what Necrodeath do, or at least not at the same level. The number of blackened thrash metal groups out there is minimal, but the potential is vast, as Necrodeath prove to us with The 7 Deadly Sins. They will rip your heart out of your chest and eat it as you watch in shock and horror. This is the kind of thrash metal the world needs more of. Let your head bang and prepare yourself to be in thrall to the immortal shock and horror of a record that has broken all the rules and come out triumphant, proving once again that Necrodeath are metal masters!

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