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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Villainettes are the kind of unique and proggy pop band who break boundaries and pursue a wholly singular sound. Suffice to say, they know where it's at. The stellar production of this band entraps you, bringing you into a simply epic soundscape that often goes beyond the limits of human comprehension. See, Villainettes aren't bothered with a lot of the things that most bands concern themselves with, and this allows them to make some of the most poignant pop rock since Joy Division. This is not a band who are going to change for a scene, or a girl, no, there is something much more important going on here, the sort of rock and roll redemption that only comes once a generation. Villainettes are pursuing a sound that could become legendary. They have a unique take on popular music and it is strangely hypnotic, I could see myself listening to these guys for days on end. Just let yourself fall into the otherworldly magic of a band seemingly destined to succeed!

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