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Friday, May 9, 2014

Party Animals-Light A Fan Cool

Party Animals is one of those Italian Glam bands who are simply dominating their local scene right now. These guys have just put out a new record, bizarrely titled Light A Fan Cool, if anyone wants to explain what that means in the comments, I would be much obliged. Now, the first thing that sets Party Animals apart is that this is actually a female fronted glam band, and we've never had a lot of those, much less in the Italian scene. Add in a healthy dose of rock and roll swagger and we're starting to go places with the kind of band who seemed destined to rule.

There is a certain charisma to Light A Fan Cool, the sort of thing that shows Party Animals aren't just another batch of imitators but actually have something constructive to donate to the scene. These guys have some extremely tight songwriting and digging into their record is an enlightening experience. The riffs here have a magic propulsion behind them, as if their writers had been on the Sunset Strip back in the 80s. The thing is, Party Animals are wholly serious, they're not messing around or pretending to be glam, this is what they love and it shows in the music. Every song rings with a vibrant passion and gives the record an everlasting and poignant magic.

If you have ever had any love for glam, then Light A Fan Cool will certainly win your heart. This is the sort of glam metal that the world needs more of, hard partying and dedicated to getting your rocks off. I think that Party Animals could have a bright future ahead of them if they play their cards right. They're rapidly rising in popularity and I think with a tour or two under their belts they could dominate the international scene. This is one of the most exciting things happening in glam right now, confidently moving forward while honoring the masters of time past, check it!

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  1. It's a wordplay.The band is from Friuli, and in Friuli there is the Friulain dialect. In Friulain "fuck off" is "lait a fancul" and it has the same pronuntiation as "light a fan cool"

  2. Friuli is a region in the northern Italy, near the austrian and slovenian border....