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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Serpentine Path-Emanations

The trend in heavy releases this year seems to be a tendency for heavy music to not just be heavy, but almost oppressive. The new record from Serpentine Path, Emanations seems to be the perfect example of that. An album which does not care for the human spirit and almost seeks to crush it under its huge bottom end, Emanations is the sort of thing that proves the enduring might of groups like Serpentine Path, extreme metal that will not be quashed but instead trudge on, step by bloody step until you fall screaming into an early grave.

As you get into the sort of unholy drive of Emanations it becomes clear that the guys in these bands were in other classic doom acts. For example, you could probably compare Emanations with Electric Wizards Dopethrone simply from the incredible trudging forward momentum it has. This would make sense considering a certain Tim Bagshaw as the bassist and vocalist on this record. The riffs found on Emanations are just so incredibly good it's impossible to put it down. The way that the tracks seem to be borne forward out of sheer empathy is the sort of thing that has rarely been seen since the days of Black Sabbath, if that doesn't make you want to check out this record, I don't know what will.

If you want doom that goes above and beyond your normal expectations for what doom can and should be, this is the record for you. Formed by a group of guys with an incredible pedigree and an excellent dedication to all things heavy, Serpentine Path are going to blow up. Filled with all sorts of cool effects, long songs and vocals that sound like they were twisted from the very bowels of hell you realize that Serpentine Path are not just a band, but almost a pure emotion, brought down upon the listeners ears in the most oppressive and magnificent form possible.

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