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Sunday, May 18, 2014


Female fronted Italian language symphonic metal? And it actually sounds pretty dynamic and exciting? Who'da thunk it? Veraeuridice are actually a fair cut above their peers, with flashy production, this is a band who really understand what they want to do with their music. Veraeuridice are a pleasure listen too because they get symphonic metal, and when they bring it out you know that it's about to get real. If you want the kind of band who stick to the maxims of the genre yet still manage to make something exciting and fun, well then search no more, Veraeuridice is the group for you, and I for one think that they could seriously start popping in the near future. With an EP under their collective belts and more sure to come, this is the sort of music that gives me hope for a much maligned genre. These guys understand the bombast and magic that should go into this kind of music and bring it to the fore making Veraeuridice a must-listen for any symphonic metal fan in 2014!

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