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Friday, May 16, 2014

Stealth-Shores of Hope

I get a lot of good rock CD's in the mail, and let me just say, I really dig it! So as I sit here, preparing my body to go to a show and trying to recover from the horrors of exams, there is really nothing better for my fatigued soul than Stealth's new masterwork Shores of Hope. Featuring a solid rock sound flecked with hard rock and metal Stealth have put out something pretty fresh and exciting with fun choruses and a lot of tight songwriting. These guys are professional, passionate and powerful, and that definitely manifests itself in the music.

As I dig deeper into Shores of Hope I start to get a real sense for the immense work that went into this record. The riffs are all precisely delivered, with an almost machine-like accuracy, creating a solid backbone for the tracks. One of the things that really makes Shores of Hope special for me is the incredible vocal lines, this bands singer can really belt it! He gives a wonderful touch of melody to the tracks and it just makes the entire record all the more precious in my ears. Toss in some well crafted guitar lines and you realize that Stealth really have got themselves together, they have a good idea of what they are doing and how to do it, now they just need to start bringing it to the people. Regardless, Shores of Hope is a very promising debut release.

Now, frankly I'm exhausted, I've had a tough week, lots of exams and the like. But now I'm starting to find my way, a path forward, one that takes me to the shores of hope. Stealth have snuck their way into my heart and illuminated my soul, giving me the desire to carry on. With a little luck, you too will get a chance to experience the transcendent and beautiful joy of a band who really understand the purpose of rock and roll as a sort of unholy medication. Shores of Hope is a lot of fun to listen too, so close your eyes, turn it up and let go!

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