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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Vicious Rumors-Live You To Death 2-American Punishment

Now, I'd long relegated Vicious Rumors to the bargain bin of NWOBHM also-rans. I mean, I dug the music, but I didn't see anything seriously special worth digging into. Then I got this record. Suddenly my understanding of this band has radically changed and evolved into something special. On Live You To Death 2-American Punishment you are exposed to Vicious Rumors at their finest, with howling vocals, delicious riffs, and elements of that proto thrash metal which really set them apart from their peers. This is what live records are all about, and suddenly, I'm going to have to go back and listen to this bands discography.

I think the thing that really pushes Vicious Rumors forward with this release is the exciting live album vibe. Not only are these played a little looser than on the record, but the crowds roars which couch the biggest choruses and flashiest solos bring a lot of magic to the music. Another thing that really impressed me with this record is their new singer Nick Holleman. He is clearly a born metal titan, playing the crowd like an old hand and soaring above his peers with the voice of a god. Shimmering and shaking he provides a transcendent glory to a legendary metal band which I have for too long overlooked. He re-energizes the group and gives us a triumphant performance in tracks like World Church.

Live You To Death 2-American Punishment is the sort of legendary live record that people fall in love with and are unable to put down. Featuring an excellent mix of classics with newer material, I couldn't see any fan of the NOWBHM movement not loving the music found on these thirteen tracks. Melodic and powerful, if there next record is this good I think that Vicious Rumors may have found new life. After 35 years Vicious Rumors are still rocking hard and I think that if this record is any indication, they are good to go for another few glorious decades!

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