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Saturday, May 3, 2014


At various points in my life I've been called a "mosh pit freak", "DRI diehard" and "thrash metal kid". It's funny then, that I actually don't like most thrash metal that has come out in recent years. Yet Exodia seem to bring something different to the table. Asides from sharing a name with a famous Yu-Gi-Oh card (oh the memories!) Exodia really understand what it is to play thrash. Their new record Hellbringer makes me want to start a pit, slam some Jack and kick in someones face, all things that are, in the eyes of thrash metal, good, right, and salutary.

From the first you see that Exodia know how to bring it, mixing party anthems like instant classic, The Art of Drinking, with more serious tracks such as Shout the Nations, you see that Exodia really has it all. Though they like to party, they are actually pretty darn intelligent. Furthermore the delivery of the vocals is wonderfully insane, delivered with a harsh and ferocious hatred that few can imitate. The riffs are pretty standard thrash metal fare, but that doesn't mean they're not great. The spiraling hooks on songs like Infected Hate are extremely tasty and will inspire many a circle pit. The choruses are great too, encouraging group sing a longs and all sorts of stage diving madness.

In closing, this is a thrashers thrash metal record. Flip back the brim of your cap and dive into the pit, Exodia will smoke your weed, smash in your face, and then, if you're lucky, they just might lecture you on world politics. The future of this band is bright, and they really understand what they want to do, and moreover, how to do it. The circle pit is starting, and if you don't join know it might be impossible to jump in later. Hellbringer is incredibly fast and vicious, it shows a band who will give it all to thrash, I hope you brought your mosh boots, because it's about to get crazy.

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