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Saturday, June 7, 2014


Acyl are the kind of metal band who cast boundaries asides and are dedicated to playing a unique brand of metal to the best of their abilities. I saw them last week at a festival and leaped at the chance to cover their second record Algebra. A band dedicated to their ancestors and total authenticity Acyl really prove themselves not just as musicians, but also as innovators on this record, creating a perfect fusion of Algerian folk music with metal. It makes for interesting listening of the sort that you certainly can't digest in just one or two spins.

Acyl means 'Genuine' in Arabic and from the opening bars of the first track, Ungratefullness, it seems pretty clear that Acyl are exactly that. The vocal lines here are simply incredible, mixing cleans and growls, but both are perfectly executed and fit in wonderfully with the vaguely progressive lines of the music. Algebra shows off how the band bring everything they've got to the table and use it to inspire both traditional Arabic dances as well as mosh pits. The streamlined sense of the record speaks to the power of Acyl as songwriters, these guys don't have to follow your rules because they are coming from a totally different musical culture and this allows them to shine force as beacons of metal madness in the dark.

With ethnic instruments finding a place alongside standard metal fare, it seems pretty clear that Acyl have a great understanding of where they want to be right now. Their music is fresh and unique, the sort of thing that once you dig in too, it's hard to find your way back out. Replete with exotic rhythms and atypical modes Acyl have a clearly unique angle to their music, setting them up as true pioneers. With Algebra Acyl have created something interesting, and frankly, truly exciting. African Death Metal is the new frontier and Acyl are at the head!

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