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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Buffalo Sunn

Buffalo Sunn is the kind of artsy rock band who understand the value of lush production and stellar musicianship. Their new track, By Your Side is a delicious debut, and seeing as they're working with one of the best music promotion companies in the world right now, you know that we'll be hearing more soon! A band with four biological brothers and a pair of honorary ones Buffalo Sunn are the kind of group with a refreshingly direct sense of what they want to do. Furthermore, there is a real depth to the Buffalo Sunn sound, showing us that with By Your Side at least they understand the amount of work that needs to be put in to create a beautifully crafted and very emotional piece of music in the modern alt rock scene. With memorable hooks and touching lyrics, this is the sort of inspiring stuff that sticks with you, regardless of your favorite genre, and I think this is what will ultimately allow Buffalo Sunn to triumph. Honest and bold, By Your Side will come out and touch the hearts of thousands.

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