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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Acyl-The Angel's Sin

I've been all about Acyl for almost a year now, their unique approach to metal has captured my heart and is the type of thing I can spin again and again. So now I bring you a review of the groups quasi-legendary first EP, The Angel's Sin. This is the kind of metal release that, while it does not go as far as Acyls first full length, Algebra, it certainly does show us the potential magic of the band. Disappointingly short, it's still not hard to see why The Angel's Sin rapidly launched Acyl to a position as stalwart lords of the French (and Algerian) metal scene.

Even from the first couple of tracks, Acyl's trademark unique song structures and startling use of dynamics is clear. Their is something strangely mesmerizing about the music found on Angel's Sin, as if, as we fall into the music we can start to find out harsher realities about ourselves. The musicianship on Angel's Sin only seems to get more impressive as you go through. These guys are not only talented on metal instruments, but not afraid to bring in more traditional Algerian ones. This creates a record that has a very unique and passionate feel behind it, proving the almighty soul encompassing joy that this sort of traditional music can bring, even to a Western listener like me.

In conclusion, The Angel's Sin is maybe not as triumphant or filled with classics as a record like Algebra, but nevertheless, Acyl really hit the nail on the head here with a record that not only brings something new to metal, but is also accessible to the masses, heavy metal purification to save our souls. The prelude of great thigns that came after, The Angel's Sin is definitely a record any fan of metal, or Algerian music should check out, it's fresh, engaging, and on some level, spiritually powerful, and at the end of the day, what more could you ask from a debut EP?

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