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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Rectified Spirit-S/T

Rectified Spirit are an Indian metal band who've been around since 2005, which in their scene, makes them pretty old. Their sound features an intricate power metal attack with a few moments of death metal destruction. Calling this unique mixture 'Libero Metal' their new self titled record is exciting and fresh, the sort of dynamic metal the world can only do with more of. These guys have been nominated for three awards from Rolling Stone India (Which along with the Demonic Resurrection cover proves that Rolling Stone India is awesome) and now, after 9 years, seem ready to take the world by storm.

Part of what I find so enticing about Rectified Spirit is the elegant way in which it blends genres into an exciting whole. These guys have a very distinct approach, with some clear ideas that run throughout the record, even if oftentimes it varies a lot stylistically. The thing is, this blend wouldn't work if the guys in Rectified Spirit weren't such great musicians, but they are, so it does. This is the kind of madness the scene needs if it wants to grow, bands who are not afraid to break all the rules because even acknowledging them may leave you bowed and broken. By letting your hair fly and body mosh it is easy to find the ultimate freedom granted by this unique brand of Libero Metal.

So, if you want the sort of heavy metal band who are going to bring the mosh wherever you go and also add in some exciting new elements, well then, these Indian rockers are right for you. Rectified Spirit proves the band is ready to take things to the next level and take the world by storm. Their is a clear passion behind the work and the songs are all wonderfully structured, making them easy to fall in love with. This represents the kind of sheer liberty that made metals origins so exciting. So dig in and open up, Rectified Spirit are breaking your paradigms if only you'll let them!

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