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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cannabis Corpse-From Wisdom to Baked

I've always had a special place in my heart for Cannabis Corpse. I think what setsthem apart for me is the fact that they are both totally hilarious and very tight. Sure their new record has a song called Baptized in Bud, but by Thor, if it isn't a great track! As Cannabis Corpse pass From Wisdom to Baked I think it's clear that these guys are really starting to progress and evolve, metal masters for a new era. While their lyrics may be humorous the songwriting is deadly serious and provides no respite from a tight attack that defines the state of death metal today.

Part of the appeal of Cannabis Corpse is their incredible ability to flirt with disaster, constantly playing music that puts them on the brink, the brink of extinction. (I had too, I'm sorry) The spiraling bass lines and stunning guitar licks simply speak to the evolution of Cannabis Corpse as a band. That's perhaps the most shocking thing about From Wisdom to Baked somewhere along the line, perhaps since their split with Ghoul, things became almost triumphant. Not only are Cannabis Corpse making us smile with silly stoner jokes, but songs like THC Crystal Mountain show that these guys are bring the genre forward with memorable choruses and a breakneck delivery.

In short, this is another stellar release from Season of Mist and further proof that weed inspires some of the worlds best music. As you fall into the raging attack of what is perhaps the ultimate triumph for the stoner death metal fan you start to realize Cannabis Corpse have started to do it. They've transcended their status as a comedy band and are now getting into something greater, and somehow darker. Am I romanticizing the pipe dream of a group of stoners? Maybe. But I really feel that From Wisdom to Baked may very well take us to a brave new world.

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