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Monday, June 16, 2014


Shoegaze is always a hard genre to get in too, especially when it seeks to be as transcendent and mind expanding as Cecilia::Eyes, but perhaps that's what makes it special too. Perhaps the fact that this bands new record, Disappearance is 54 minutes of sonic ebbs and flows what makes the music so special. Though there are only seven tracks on this record, each one will carry you off to a brave new world and bring you into the strange beauties that make shoegaze so darned interesting. While this record may not be for everybody, it will certainly capture the imaginations of many.

Here's the thing, Disappearance is wholly instrumental and a lot of the songs have a rather abstract structure. In many cases there are not clear (Repeated) melody lines and some of the tracks may even be through composed. It creates a very ethereal feel, these Belgians are clearly all very gifted musicians to be able to craft something as exquisite as this new masterpiece. It's hard to put into words, but there are epic sonic landscapes crafted here by very gentle sounds, many of which rarely rise above a whisper. You have to listen to this record again, and again (And again) to really start to grasp what a feat of sonic mastery Disappearance is.

Simply put, this is a record you can get lost in, and in a world with lots of broing disposable and cheap music, that's what we need more of. Sure, it may not fit entirely into my tastes, but I definitely see the appeal,  and as I let these sounds wash over me, I start to look within. Disappearance makes us aware of the wholes within ourselves and encourages us to find a way out, and a step forward, ultimate redemption through otherworldly shoegaze bliss. Cecilia::Eyes are unique and powerful, and I think their legend will only continue to grow.

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