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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lazer/Wulf-The Beast of Left and Right

Groovy and poignant, Lazer/Wulf are not a band to be messed with, in fact, they will mess with you first, smoke your weed and smash in your face. These guys are a pretty much entirely instrumental trio, but they have been known to on occasion bring in a few interesting vocal lines to spice things up. So where does this leave us? Simply with a band who seem set to take over the world with chunky grooves and incredible skill. These guys bring everything together on The Beast of Left and Right with a wonderful 'jam band' type feel, true ascension for all you rock and rollers.

One of the most interesting aspects of The Beast of Left and Right is that it is written palindromically, which means that, for example, the first track on the record uses the same progressions and rhythms as on the last, but they are in different keys. This helps to make something really interesting and exciting, it feels very much like a whole. As if you are finding some sort of glorious heavy metal redemption in the vaguely jazzy, strangely thrashy approach of a band who seem dedicated to busting every possible genre barrier. These guys craft very weird and intricate soundscapes that are surprisingly addictive. Once you spin this record you're going to want to listen again and again.

Lazer/Wulf are exciting and intricate, possibly the most exciting and intricate band to come up in years. These guys don't follow rules, in fact, they seem to be taking rules apart, and then piecing them back together however they see fit. These guys are insanely talented musicians and their skill is almost unmatched by anyone else on the scene today. So open up your heart and let Lazer/Wulf open up your skull, this is instrumental metal madness that could appeal to the masses, driving people insane with walls of sound and earth shattering wails.

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  1. Ain't no Kylesa in this band, though Phillip Cope did record them.