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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cold Colours-MMXIV

Cold Colours is the kind of domineering doom metal band who have a colossal bottom end and a sense of the riff that is to die for. Their new EP, MMXIV though only three songs long is the sort of release that speaks to the eternal might of doom within our souls. These Minneapolis natives are really pushing a new type of doom metal sound, the sort of Saturnus inspired madness that lurks within us all. Turn it up boys and girls, MMXIV is not meant for the faint of heart, but rather bold metal warriors, who stand strong in the face of adversity and always bring the mosh. 

Maybe what strikes me so much about MMXIV after a handful of listens is the colossal sadness found within. And rather than the sort of melancholic depression you often find in doom metal Cold Colours seem to be preaching something different, they drag you into hell with them. Songs like From This Pain have the ability to tear your heart apart and bring you down into a well of darkness that there is no true escape from. Cold Colours grasp the inner darkness of doom metal better than most of their peers. Their riffs are strangely engaging, despairing, but strangely beautiful, speaking to the bleak nature of the human condition in a very poignant and passionate way. 

As the record collapses into a destructive conclusion with Terminal Winter, ultimate despair has been revealed to the listener. Yet, somehow, this makes me feel stronger, like through the sublime darkness of Cold Colours we have found another way out, a new direction, life in the hatred and perhaps even inner peace. Am I attributing too much to what is essentially a one man project? Probably. But this is the sort of doom that gets to the heart and soul, and I think it's important to realize that, so turn it up and fall in, what else have you got to do?

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