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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Arkanes-W.A.R.

Man, SPV Records has been putting out some of the best rock and roll records of 2014, and they seem to be showing on sign of letting up. The latest gem to come out of the label is the tasty Liverpool quartet, The Arkanes, whose new record W.A.R. is the sort of gem that gets long haired dudes hippity hopping, grooving to a beat that seems to be some sort of unholy fusion of classic rock, grunge, and more than a touch of new alternative stuff. The end result is a record with a distinct sound that is easy to latch in to and then quickly fall in love with.

See, The Arkanes have a great sense of songwriting, and moreover, how their unique take on songs can come forward and give their music a distinct vibe that no other band can truly emulate. With W.A.R. this band manages to rise up and show the world exciting new things can still be done in rock music, be it in low tempo moody tracks like Vampyre or faster rockers like the album closer, Edge, you get a sense that Arkanes just want to live, breath, and simply embody rock and roll. Not a lot of bands have this sort of dedication to the genre, nor the creative potential to really move it forward, but The Arkanes do and this sets them apart, golden gods for a new era.

Dive on in and fill your heart with the rock and roll lust that makes a band like The Arkanes so worthwhile and relevant. In an age where bands start to use up old ideas and leave many concepts played out, The Arkanes are bringing something fresh and exciting to English rock music. Will they be the next fab four? Probably not. But are they capable of touring the world, spreading good vibes and generally making an important, unforgettable mark on rock and roll? Well, if W.A.R. is any indication, then the answer is most definitely yes.

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  2. Couldn't agree more. Amazing band. Kenny, Glasgow.

  3. Quality Record. Got to be seen live.. This is were they belong.. On stage givin it all theyve got. Keep on keepin on lads...

  4. Playing in a town called skelmersdale this weekend get them added on Facebook always updating when and where they are playing you won't regret it

  5. New fav band. Denny