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Friday, June 6, 2014

EnkElination-Tears of Lust

EnkElination is a female fronted symphonic/melodic metal band brought to you straight from the pits of London. EnkElination are actually one of the most exciting and interesting female symphonic metal records I've gotten to cover in a while. Sure, they stick to the maxims of the genre, but they are not afraid to push some boundaries and give it their all in a shockingly powerful record. Maybe I'm just soft for the sweet melodies and the lush vocals, but I think there's something more here, that EnkElination are true masters of their craft.

Tears of Lust is impressive because it captures a variety of emotions, although seems to most frequently rest on melancholy. A lot of the songs deal with lost, or disappearing love, which while maybe not extremely 'metal' sure can be poignant. The orchestration on this record is impressive, EnkElination clearly has some true musical geniuses putting together the tracks. Perhaps my favorite track off the record is the tear-jerking Last Time Together a piece that really speaks to where I'm at right now in life. Overall though, songs like Lullaby and Reborn showcase the triumphant magic of a band who really grasp their craft and how to really deliver the goods with a mid tempo attack.

Replete with fancy solos, minor key shredding, and all sorts of lighter zone inspiring moments, EnkElination have certainly provoked some tears within me. This is not just a corny symphonic metal record, instead it gets at something deeper, the human condition and what it represents for every one of us. London hasn't had a lot of top notch bands in a good long time, but EnkElination seem set to change that, to reign over thousands of metallers by capturing their hearts with a dedication to the music that few of their peers could even dream of having.

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  1. I've had this album on constant repeat as well as individual songs for almost every day since it's release, which is nearing two weeks now. Elina's soaring vocals will take you for a ride and then some.
    Standout songs for me are: Tears of Lust, Lullaby, Insane, Reborn, Chimeras, Changeling, Last Time Together. That's almost the entire album.
    The album is an absolute masterpiece. If you like NIghtwish (Tarja Turunen days and now Floor Jansen) and Within Temptation (Sharon Den Adel) I think you will love this work by EnkElination. Sensational album.