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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Giant of the Mountain-Moon Worship

I can always go for more heavy music from the southern hell that is Texas. These guys have a stunningly brutal and sludgy sound that is torn out of an atavistic pit. See, Giant of the Mountain bring in a variety of influences to get a rather iconoclastic and oftentimes stunning sound, the sort of music that doesn't fail to impress.  This distinct approach proves Moon Worship to be one of the best heavy records to come out of Texas all year. Impossible to digest in just one listen, Giant of the Mountain will capture your heart and hold you in thrall to their sludge metal assault.

What immediately drew me into this record is the way that Moon Worship uses some very tasty guitar riffs with poignant punchy tones. There is a certain crunch to the staccato attack, especially in how it is contrasted with much more shocking and brutal moments of black metal slaughter. The vocal lines are really interesting too. While they usually rest in a primitive atavistic scream they occasionally switch to touching clean vocals, the sort of thing that, while maybe not well executed, is certainly very poignant. This simply speaks to the sheer amount of flavor in the music. The songwriting is very much meant to entrapt the listener, and the extended format shows once more the unholy magic of this band.

In conclusion, Giant of the Mountain have managed to put together something very special with Moon Worship. These seven tracks roar out of a very dark place within the musicians and speak directly to the soul. So though the DIY spirit reigns above all, there is something very regal to Moon Worship. So go forth and purchase this record, get lost in it, and then realize that the way out was within you the whole time. Giant of the Mountain understand sludge metal, and as they progress the power of their riffs will only become more renown.

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