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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Game Over-Burst Into The Quiet

It's been a while since I've reviewed some good old crossover thrash on this blog, and Game Over are more than happy to delivery the solution. Their balls out thrash attack is the kind of thing that most bands can only dream of having. With an old school delivery touched up with a few modern frills, their new record Burst Into The Quiet is an exciting thrash metal record that will beat you up and then bash your head into the stage. Game Over understand what thrash is all about, and once that blazing circle pit gets going there is no stopping it.

See, even though Game Over certainly keep up a very 'street' vibe there is a certain epic feel to the music that allows them to really stand apart. Perhaps the best example of this is on the track No More which starts off with a rather epic feeling Iron Maiden-esque guitar line before breaking into a straight up crossover thrash riff. The aggressive delivery of the vocals is great, they're not growls, and in this case that actually makes things better, it gives a great old school feel to the songs. The gang vocals are another highlight, on tracks like Metropolis Part 3 they actually give the music a touch of Municipal Waste, which in my opinion, is always a good thing.

So, is this a thrash record that breaks new ground or crushes paradigms of what thrash metal can be? No. But is it a tight release that will get your body moving and head banging? Yes. Nine tracks of pit inspiring madness, this is a very strong sophomore release for these European thrash maniacs. Sure, I don't usually like European thrash, but these guys are an exception, they bring in so many cool ideas that you simply can't be turned off by it. So, jump into the pit and prepare to rage, Burst Into The Quiet is going to thrash its way into your ears, smash in your face and murder your wife.

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