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Thursday, June 12, 2014


Evil ripping death metal from the crypt that takes no prisoners and spits fire from every orifice, THIS is what I've been missing. Filled with juicy riffs and an attack that is simply to die for, Haemophagus understand what it is to deliver a pure death metal apocalypse. These Palermo grinders build on the formula of groups like Autopsy to bring you the crush deathgrind that soothes the soul. Their glorious evil (as evidenced by songs like Partying At The Grave) gives them a wonderful lust for human flesh and leaves your head banging away for hours on end.

These guys do not take offense at being called disgusting or screwed up, in fact they revel in it. Atrocious blares right into your skull, annoying the neighbors and making you throw out your spine. The magical blast beats on tracks like Atrocious give a sort of full immersion experience, as if there is no escape from the pure and unadulterated brutality of this band. The attack is excellent, Haemophagus drive their way forward covered in guts, unwilling to relent or give in to the pathetic poserdom of the world around them. Atrocious is vile, and all the better because of it. This is the rare death metal band who understand gore on a fundamental level, and really succeed on bringing it to the people.

With a patent dedication to brutality and a glorious understanding of the genre Atrocious has the sort of music that will inspire circle pits for years to come. Suffice to say, I can only hope that there is going to be more of this brutal death metal greatness delivered to us soon, Haemophagus know what they want to do and how to do it, and as they grow their throat ripping obscenities could capture the hearts of fans across the globe. So let your hair down, stomp into the pit, and realize, this is what deathgrind is all about, unadulterated, perfect, destruction.

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