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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Polarys-The Va'adian Chronicles

Gloriously nerdy and speaking to the human condition, this is what power metal is about, and this is what French power metal legends Polarys talk about with their new record, The Va'adian Chronicles. A clear labor of love and a product of many hours of hard work, not just in the studio, but also the mixing booth, this is a simply inspiring record. Transcending many of the tropes of their peers, Polarys take it all to an extreme to produce something epic, powerful, and touching. This is the sort of purely triumphant power metal the world needs more of.

Part of what makes The Va'adian Chronicles so impressive is the progressive nature of the record. There are a lot of little melodic germs that come up again and again, and a lot of the songs follow very unique structures. The thirteen minute long epic, A Secret Revealed is perhaps the best example of that, a song in four parts that just spirals into the soul. See, this is power metal with no holds barred, eighty minutes of undying glory as we ride forth into a brave new world of aliens, starships, and battles. The narrative structure of The Va'adian Chronicles is pretty straightforward, and very exciting, this is the sort of thing that will stand the test of time.

I'll simply say it's shocking to me that Polarys are not more popular than they currently are, these guys understand what power metal is about in a way that almost no other band on the scene today does. As you explore the vivid universe crafted by the band you have to admit that Polarys are true metal lords, guys with fresh new ideas that you won't soon forget. Epics like Cybernetic Wars speak to the heart and prove that sci-fi themed power metal still has a lot of cool stuff going on. This is one of the most fun and dynamic records I've heard all year, The Va'adian Chronicles is a masterpiece, so go out, and fall in love!

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