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Monday, June 2, 2014

Infestus-The Reflecting Void

Nowadays a lot of black metal doesn't have a lot of good old fashioned hatred, or even darkness behind it. (I'm looking at you Deafheaven) So when a band comes along with something deeper, bleaker, and seemingly evil an a very basic sense of the word, well, we should stand up and take notice. This is what makes the new record from Infestus, The Reflecting Void so interesting for me, this black metal record has captured is a primal evil few of Infestus's peers can dream of. This is the sort of hate we need to make black metal triumphant, Infestus are malcontents and proud of it.

I think that a significant part of what makes The Reflecting Void so interesting, and so much better than Infestus's other releases is that now Infestus are essentially a one man project. Two albums into this new and improved state of things, Andras (The genius behind the band) seems to have a much better sense of what he wants to do with his unique sound. The unmitigated bleakness that this Teutonic project has is impressive, even the acoustic parts with their half moaned clean vocals showcase a sort of minor key depression that is oftentimes simply crushing. What more could you ask for from a black metal mastermind than something that drags you into the pit?

Filled with raw emotion and pure energy, The Reflecting Void is a testament to the enduring beauty of black metal. As Andras roars his way through song after song of annihilating black metal mystery we start to realize that Infestus is more than just a metal project, but almost an entire ethos, the sort of soul consuming destruction that will keep us pure in a world where all we know is a heap of broken images. Let your body be taken in, enter the void, and come out stronger, darker, than ever before. This record could very well be your saving grace!

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