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Friday, June 27, 2014

Malakyte-Human Resonance

I reviewed Malakyte once, years ago, I won't link you too it, my writing was far worse back then (And it's still bad today) but here's the thing. I wrote that on the first laptop I owned, now I sit here on my fourth, contemplating thrash metal blasted away at the highest level. These crazed Australian thrashers don't mess around, and their new record Human Resonance is some of the most crazed and wonderful thrash that I have had the pleasure of reviewing in a good long time. As you sink into the hyper speed riffs and unholy vocals, it's impossible not to bang your head and jump into the pit.

The introduction to Human Resonance seems straightforward enough, a tense and beautiful classically derived piece entitled 7.83. Of course after that it all falls apart, thrash metal to make your mother cry. I think a large part of what makes the Malakyte so intense is the simply unholy vocals. Seriously, this guy has some sort of demon inside of him, there is no other way he could craft such blatantly wrong vocal passages. Toss in some top notch riffs roaring along at a million miles an hour and you get a sense of what Human Resonance is all about. Bringing in elements of neo thrash along with more old school ideas it's far too much fun to bring the mosh for the ten thrashing tracks to come.

So, are Malakyte Australia's best up and coming thrash metal band? Quite possibly yes. They understand thrash on a very profound level, but they also have a sound that is distinctly their own. Simply put, no one else is as insane as them, and while the riffs could be a bit more iconoclastic, you can't expect perfection from a debut release. With crazy solos and all sorts of good vibes I am very excited for the future of this band. They are taking Australia by storm and I get the distinct impression that soon they will be able to break out of that isolated scene and tour the world.

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