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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Spina Bifida

Spina Bifida are the kind of death metal tinged doom act who crawl forward from the depths of hell, slowly grinding each of your bones to dust as it goes. Even just a few minutes into their new record Ziyadah it is immediately apparent that their is a certain primal depth that fuel this band and makes them far more evil than their contemporaries. The uncomfortable lurch that defines so many of the riffs in Spina Bifida's catalog is strangely beautiful. It leaves you mesmerized, a slave to the nihilistic doom metal slaughter that Spina Bifida seem to dish out with ease. As the band crashes into groovier sections the sheer heaviness of the guitars becomes clear and even at low volumes there is an almost physical effect from the music. So come on in, embrace the dark, and find your way into hell. Spina Bifida are taking prisoners and then slowly crushing them into a pulp. Ziyadah is the kind of record that fills me with an all consuming bleakness and makes me better because of it, if you like it slow and loud, then you have found your band.

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