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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mortals-Cursed to See the Future

There are no typical Relapse bands, everything the label does is unique and powerful. Mortals are no exception that rule, their unique brand of black metal is the sort of thing that oftentimes defies the imagination. These Brookyln natives have crafted a heap of broken images for themselves to look into to find their own humanity. Their new record Cursed to See the Future is evidence of the greatness of the Brooklyn scene right now, and falling into the dark pits that make up this bands sound has never been easier. Mortals understand how to mix genres to get something powerful and poignant and by god is it good.

Mortals channel a sort of very primitve darkness, unafraid to bring elements from a lot of other different styles of extreme music. Through the course of one song, though there may be a black metal basis it is possible to hear elements of sludge, doom, and even a touch of hardcore. The sheer vibes spawned by Cursed to See the Future are impressive, they speak to a sort of sublime darkness within all of us. The progressions in this new material is also a huge step forward from previous stuff, there is a very clear drive on every song on Cursed to See the Future and it is readily apparent from the first. Mortals don't buy into your lies, and they will expose our coming doom to the masses.

Perhaps it is fitting that the girls in this band also play in the all-female Slayer tribute Slaywhore. Both bands share a very distinct blackness, something that transcends the music and speaks to us all. I don't know how else to put it, but Mortals touch the soul, making us more aware of how condemned we all might be. Perhaps with this record we too are cursed to see the future, and gaze onto a world that seems destined to die. Regardless, Mortals have put out some damn good music here, and if these six tracks aren't worth spinning again and again I don't know what is.

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