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Sunday, June 29, 2014


There is something special in doom metal, in the way that it can channel pure and abject evil. It gives the music a sort of inhuman appeal, an ethereal darkness that creeps into the soul and leaves you a thrall to the nihilistic darkness the music can have. Necropoli are very much aware of this and there uniquely evil take on a genre meant to destroy is a blast to listen too. Necropoli not only leave you gazing into a void, they shove you down it. Unafraid to bring in faster and chuggier parts into more traditional doom metal pieces (as in Inner Space) Necropoli thus prove that there is no respite from something this pure and heavy. These guys understand doom on a very fundamental level and it allows the trio to create something that speaks to the heart. While this kind of doom metal may not be for everyone, those of us who love loud music and twisted beats will find it easy to fall into the trap of Necropoli, an Italian band who wholly embrace the darkness within us all.

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