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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Morthus-The Abyss

There is nothing quite like the unholy attack of trve Polish black metal slaughter. Morthus have proved this statement to be true once more with their demo, The Abyss. This is the sort of occult and oppressive black metal that made the old school so good. From the first Immortal inspired guitar lines on the introductory track Torment you know that The Abyss has you in for a good time, one filled with evil, black metal, and pure nihilistic destruction. For a demo that's under 15 minutes long, Morthus have a great understanding of what they need to do to make the listener feel like they have been dragged into the pits of hell. This record is fast and brutal, giving no sympathy for the untrve. As you gaze into the blackened pit that The Abyss creates for your ears it is easy to lose your faith in all things and go insane. The vocals are totally evil, and thus very much spot on. The riffs are tasty and the drumming explosive. What more is their to say? Morthus understand black metal and will swallow your soul.

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