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Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Hourglass-Through Darkness And Light

Female fronted symphonic metal from Romania. But wait! Don't turn away just yet, there is more to be said! The Hourglass, while they do certainly respect the maxims of the genre, also bring in some cool new ideas to keep things fresh. Their heavy use of synthesizer and the fluttering voice of their goddess of a frontwoman makes their new record Through Darkness And Light a veritable testament to the power of female fronted metal. Unafraid to mix in prog elements and unique song structures, The Hourglass have a mind expanding sound that is not to be taken lightly.

I think part of what makes The Hourglass so engaging is that they really understand the sheer bombast that should go into making this type of music. On top of that, the bottom end is among the heaviest I have heard in symphonic metal. Tracks like Abandoned feature a huge crunch that pounds on the listeners bones and leaves me in thrall to music that is too beautiful to want to escape. As I mentioned previously, the synth lines are a special highlight, they add a very 70s prog feel and it nicely contrasts more delicate piano lines. Simply put, it makes the sound more expansive and engaging.

So fall into the beautiful rabbit hole that The Hourglass have crafted with Through Darkness and Light. Sometimes crystalline, other times made of steel, this is a record whose soundscapes are diverse and engaging. As you make your way through these 11 tracks its easy to understand why these guys already have more than 12,000 Facebook fans. There are lots of bands in a similar vein to these Romanians, yet none have the crazed dedication along with such a poignant and unique sound. Feel the grooves, embrace the melodies, and open your heart.

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