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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ol' Jolly Roger

Ol' Jolly Roger claims to be Portugals only pirate metal band, and given my (albeit rather limited) research, this seems to set them apart from many of the other great bands on their scene. With a fun new demo out entitled From the Depths We Rise it's easy to see that these guys very much appreciate the influence of bands like Alestorm. That being said, it's also pretty clear that they are only in their beginning phases as a group, the production is limited and the vocal delivery is not always top notch. However the melodic content is great and the lyrics are very fun. See, while Ol' Jolly Roger may still be refining their sound, they certainly understand what pirate metal is all about and this really allows them to come forth and shine. They even bring in some cool new ideas with their 8 bit version of one of their tracks (Crack Jenny's Teacup) While this demo may only have two songs (but three tracks) it shows a lot of potential. I'm excited to hear what happens when Ol' Jolly Roger hit the studio and put out something with a bit more of a run time!

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