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Saturday, June 28, 2014


ThermiT will thrash you to death. That's all there is to it. There new record Encephalopathy is the sort of thrash metal epic that brings in a little bit of everything to prove that these Poles are at the top of the scene. While ThermiT seem to be mainly focused on bringing forth the more old school elements of the thrash metal sound they certainly have more than their fair share of modern thrash goodness. Even their Metallica medley, appropriately titled "Thermitallica" touches on some of the newer elements to be brought into thrash metal in the last couple years.

From the opening bars its pretty clear, Encephalopathy very much follows the maxims of the genre and respects what thrash should be about. ThermiT don't try to break too much new ground. Yet, there are definitely some very cool new ideas on this record. The way that the band unleashes a primitive desperation, the kind that only can really be found in post-Soviet states, well, it certainly touches the heart. There is also a wonderful 'thrash metal party' aspect to the music. The bands Facebook page reveals a great fondness for beer, further demonstrating the magic of these longhaired thrash metal maniacs. Political commentary, desperation and beer, what more could ask for from a thrash record?

The high pitched vocals that roar into your heart are the sort of thing that make Encephalopathy so darn memorable. Toss in a few big choruses and you get a sense that these guys don't just want to thrash, they want to beat your skull in. Yet, they are not without a more somber side, as Night Driver proves, the band is not afraid of acoustic breaks. So, let's just leave it at this, ThermiT are a thrash band, and thrashers across the globe will love them. I am sure as their songwriting develops and they get a more clear idea of what they want to do and how to do it they will pull away from the pack and make an already strong sound even more triumphant.

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