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Friday, June 6, 2014

Seraph Sin-Run, new single!

So recently one of my buddies from the band leaked me the latest from Seraph Sin, the industrial metal group who blew my mind when I discovered them a while back. Let's just say with this new track Run Seraph Sin have done it, they have commenced their ascent to taking the industrial metal crown they deserve. Featuring a stunning mix done by a guy from Cobalt and songwriting that is simply to die for it's hard not to feel proud of these Glasgow natives have a clear artistic direction and are now starting to really define themselves. I especially dig the pumping chorus which features an awesome hook and some sick grooves. Seraph Sin understand what it means to deliver in a industrial metal context and their unique song structures, despairing lyrics, and powerful vocal lines make for a release you won't soon forget. Yet, moreover, these guys could have serious crossover appeal, Seraph Sin are rapidly on the rise, and Run could very well be the next big step.

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