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Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Light Within-Preface

Preface (EP) cover art

I review a lot of music, so it's not often that I stumble upon a band who defy genre specifications. I'm so used to being inundated with all sorts of sound that I feel like I can categorize almost everything that comes across my speakers. Well it seems like A Light Within have me beat, their unique and powerful brand of... I don't even know what, has a very open and ambient sound that somehow also fuses more direct guitar tones which give a sort of lining to the ethereal substance that makes up so much of the music on this three song EP.

Alright, I'll give it a go, the music on Preface is essentially post-rock. It has a very Cult of Luna-esque vibe at times, highly intelligent music that takes a while to really get into. The throbbing might of tracks like Page #18 (Grin) is oftentimes hard to define and gives a very clear flavor to the music. The just audible samples on some of these tracks gives an almost alien feeling to some of the music, making these tracks feel as if they are not of this world. Getting into this record takes a few spins, but their is a certain beauty to it, an undying magic of a band who understand what it means to make music that reflects the soul and opens the heart. This is what post-rock should be all about.

A Light Within is the kind of group who use a broad and oftentimes atmospheric sound to speak to the soul. Sure, these tracks aren't wholly engaging and might not get a listener bipping and bopping about, but it certainly will force them to take a second look, dig into what this abstract and ethereal genre of music is all about. I hope that Preface stays true to its name and precedes good things to come. So dive into the sound of a band who are not held back by traditional norms, a band who refuse to be stopped, but will simply rise stronger and more triumphant, masters of their own reality.

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